Admin ASC 2 Code
Orig. name Baray
Country and Admin Code KH.05.7647222 KH

World countries Adminstrative division ASC I-II . 2014.

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  • Baray — Das Khmer Reich zur Zeit seiner größten Ausdehnung (unter König Jayavarman VII.): etwa in Bildmitte der Tonlé Sap See, nördlich davon Angkor …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • Baray — Carte d Angkor Thom montrant la disposition des barays Un baray est, dans l empire khmer, un vaste quadrilatère de digues puissantes pouvant atteindre des dimensions considérables. Le baray occidental, le troisième et le plus élaboré des… …   Wikipédia en Français

  • Baray — A baray is an artificial body of water which is a common element of the architectural style of the Khmer Empire of Southeast Asia. The largest are the East Baray and West Baray in the Angkor area, each rectangular in shape, oriented east west and …   Wikipedia

  • baray — a large artificial reservoir bounded by dykes in Cambodia, filled by rainwater and diverted rivers. Arguably for irrigation but also symbolised the mythical ocean surrounding Mt. Meru, the home of the gods, and usually surrounding a temple… …   Dictionary of ichthyology

  • Baray occidental — 13° 26′ 03″ N 103° 48′ 02″ E / 13.43424, 103.80058 Le Baray occidental ( …   Wikipédia en Français

  • Baray oriental — Vue satellite d Angkor. Le Baray occidental est à gauche, le Baray oriental à droite. Le Baray oriental (khmer : បារាយណ៍ខាងកើត) est un plan d’eau artificiel ou réservoir aujourd’hui à sec, à Angkor, au Cambodge. Il est orienté est ouest et… …   Wikipédia en Français

  • Baray District — Infobox District Cambodia name=Baray khmer= province=Kampong Thom population= population as of= communes= villages= geocode=0601 Baray is a district within Kampong Thom Province, in central Cambodia …   Wikipedia

  • Baray (Tanzanian ward) — BASEPAGENAME is an administrative ward in the Karatu district of the Arusha Region of Tanzania. According to the 2002 census, the ward has a total population of 16,611. [cite web|url=|tit… …   Wikipedia

  • West Baray — The West Baray ( km. បារាយណ៍ខាងលិច) is a baray, or reservoir, at Angkor, Cambodia, oriented east west and located just west of the walled city Angkor Thom. Rectangular in shape and measuring approximately 8 by 2.1 kilometers, the West Baray is… …   Wikipedia

  • Nördlicher Baray — 13.463233333333103.89461388889 Koordinaten: 13° 27′ 47,6″ N, 103° 53′ 40,6″ O …   Deutsch Wikipedia

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